Shrug-off Shedding

The first days of fall are upon us and although the process of our pets shedding their summer coats has been going on for awhile now, it will usually continue well into November.

Now, besides the general annoyance of having to constantly sweep up hair and clean it off of your clothes, we know that the shedding seasons can bring about those pesky allergies that everyone loves so much. Some dogs do shed less than others and some really don’t shed at all, but there is really no such thing as a hypoallergenic dog.

The real source of pet allergies isn’t from their fur, as most believe, but it’s often a protein that is in the saliva and urine of dogs and cats. The protein sticks to the dander from your pet’s skin and while some dogs are marketed as being hypoallergenic, that’s not entirely true.

The dogs in question may not shed as much as other dogs and so the allergy-causing dander is less likely to be released into the air and thus they’re less likely to affect us. 


If you’re looking for ways to alleviate the stress of excessive shedding then here are some steps to take: 


1. Brush your pet daily:

One of the easiest ways to reduce the amount of shedding is to brush your dog on a daily basis even if your dog doesn’t seem to shed much. This can help to get rid of any loose hair in the coat so that it has less of a chance of sticking to your clothes and furniture.

The best brush for the job is dependent on your pets coat but the general rule of thumb is:

-“Bristle” brushes work best for short haired dogs

-A “Rake” is best for long haired pets

-A pin brush is the best option for pets with long wavy fur. 


2. Bathe your dog regularly: 

             Giving your dog regular baths can help to eliminate any clotted or matted up fur.

There are also plenty anti-shedding shampoos and conditioners to choose from.

Be sure to look into how often you should wash your pet based on their breed and lifestyle and consult your veterinarian to see how much may be too much 

3. Keep the Vacuum and Lint roller handy: 

Yes, daily brushing, baths and a healthy diet can all help with your pet’s shedding but unfortunately, there is no magic fix and so you’re going to run into hair here and there.

Dusting and vacuuming every few days can help with the inevitable build up and lint rollers are a must have even for dogs that shed little to none.

We all know that shedding can be hard to deal with at times, especially for those of us who wear black, but when it comes to our pets they’re well worth the extra effort we have to put in and we wouldn’t change it for anything.